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Christmas Advent Wreath
December 17, 2023 - Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Masses

As I mentioned briefly last week in my column, this year the Fourth Sunday of Advent falls on the same day as Christmas Eve.

Tue Dec 12 09:53 AM

The Gospel According to Mark
December 10, 2023 - The Gospel of Mark

By way of review, the readings for Sunday Masses follow a three year cycle which...

Tue Dec 12 09:48 AM

December 3 - The Need for Silence, and Christmas Mass Schedule

There are all kinds of pollution: air, water, soil. It is good to be conscious of the effect we have on the environment...

Sun Dec 03 12:00 AM

Advent Wreath
November 26 - Beginning Advent and Staffing Changes

This weekend, we enter one of the most intense parts of the year: the Holiday Season.

Fri Dec 01 03:39 PM

Father Kevin McManaman during his Camino!