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Band and Orchestra

Band and Orchestra Lessons

Miss Molly Lieberman ( ) Orchestra, and Mr. Conor Johnson ( Band, teach band and Orchestra lessons at St. Alphonsus as independent contractors.

Orchestra lessons are available to students in grades 3-8 and band lessons are available to students in grades 4-8.
Students who sign up for lessons will receive:
  1. A 20-minute private lesson once a week for 30 weeks throughout the school year.  Private lessons are scheduled during the school day and rotate weekly so students do not miss the same 20-minute block of time each week. ‚ÄčIf your child has a class that they cannot miss please communicate this to either Miss Lieberman or Mr. Johnson at the time of registration.
  1. A weekly 45-minute group class either before or after school.
  1. The opportunity to perform at various school functions throughout the year.

Additional details along with cost and registration information are contained in this letter.