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Fundraising Guidelines






One weekend per month will usually be designated as Hospitality Weekend, hosted by Parish Standing Committees.  Established groups of the parish who have fundraising needs may request permission to do fundraising on these weekends.  Requests are submitted in writing, with their purpose specified.




1.  Fundraising will usually take place inside the Community Room.  

2.  The selling of items or appeals is limited to parish groups and “affiliated” organizations (e.g., Home and School, Athletic Association).  All profits from these sales must benefit the parish group or “affiliated” organization.

3.  Auxiliary organizations (e.g., Boy and Girl Scouts of America, Interfaith, etc.) are limited to two fundraising activities per year.  All auxiliary organizations must be sponsored and or approved by the Parish in order to use the spaces as referenced in these Guidelines.

4.  Soliciting within Spangler Hall or Spangler Lobby is not allowed during Fish Fries or other Social Events. 

5. On New Year’s Day, all of Holy Week, Pentecost and Christmas, no fundraising will be allowed. Fundraising will be allowed on weekends when the spaces have not been previously scheduled for other Parish activities.  Fundraising organizations are responsible for setting up and cleaning up.  Failure to clean up will result in a call back with the necessary clean-up an absolute requirement.

6.  There may be a maximum of two groups selling in the referenced spaces at one time.

7.  A group’s fundraising is limited to one weekend per month.  An exception to this guideline may be obtained, with the Pastor’s /Pastoral Associate’s approval.

8.  Approved classroom sales are allowed.  Requests are submitted in writing, with the purpose specified, and sent to the Pastoral Associate and School Principal.

9.  Private fundraisers are not allowed at any time. 

10. Charitable fundraisers hosted by individual parishioners will be considered exceptional, and will be reviewed on a “case-by-case” basis by the Pastor/Pastoral Associate.  If approved, these fundraisers must be held outside of regularly scheduled parish activities. (e.g., weekend Mass times). A Pastoral Staff person must be present in these exceptional cases.