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Pastor's Page

This Week's Message from Fr. Aaron Esch


Fr. Aaron is gone for the summer and will resume his column upon his return in August.


From The Temporary Administrator

Welcome! On behalf of everyone in the parish, I want to welcome Mr. Bill Kelly, who will be the Office and Technology Manager, and Ms. Julianne Lobitz, who will be the Associate Director of Christian Formation, to the Pastoral team here at St. Alphonsus Congregation. They begin their work this summer. We know they are a great fit and have fresh ideas, abilities, skills, and knowledge that they can use for our parish mission. Welcome aboard!

On July 22, the Church celebrates the feast of Mary Magdalene. As the first witness of Jesus’ Resurrection, Mary Magdalene is undoubtedly a masterpiece of grace and a sign of hope for those who are struggling with sin or any sort of addictions that separate us from God. July 25, is the feast of St. James, the Apostle. James was the first martyr among the Apostles. His confession of faith and the shedding of his blood strengthened the early Church and the Church today. On July 26, the feast day of Saints Joachim and Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, let us contemplate all that it meant for them to remain true to the faithful and enduring covenant of divine love in the married life. It was in their home where the Virgin Mary was prepared to be the Mother of God. Our home is the beginning place for godly life!

The Feast on the Blacktop is coming closer. I encourage you to sign up to make the event a success. We still need more volunteers. It’s a great opportunity to use our time, talents, and other resources for the Church, the people of God.

-Fr. Britto Suresh