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What is my Vision?

During the little more than two months since my arrival in the parish, one of the most frequently asked questions from all of you has been what are my plans for the parish? Some ask what my vision is for St. Al’s. Others ask where I want to go with the parish. My answers to these questions and their many variations has been consist. I answer, “get through Covid!”

For various reasons it might seem that we have returned to the normal life of our parish. However, as the last couple of weeks have demonstrated, we are not out of the woods in terms of this pandemic. Nor are we back to normal in terms of parish operations and ministries, even if it seems that way. We are still limited in attendance at liturgies, and those liturgies are still generally much simpler and “basic.” Likewise, while our school has been operating for the last 8 weeks in person successfully thus far, much of student and teacher life has been radically changed to make this possible. The Christian Formation ministries are largely being held virtually, except for those young people preparing for Confirmation or 1st Eucharist. Many of our committees are meeting virtually or not at all at this point. 

None of this is ideal of course. We are all mourning aspects of the life of our parish and events that we loved and looked forward to but that are simply not possible at this moment. I can understand if you find this frustrating, but please understand that most of this is largely out of the parish’s control. All we can really do is get through, and we will get through it! 

All of this makes it imprudent to try to do long term planning for our parish community at the present moment. Amid any crisis, the focus should always be to get through the crisis. For the time being my day to day goals are:

1.  Maintaining the Sacramental life of our parish in as safe a manner as possible.

2.  Forming our children and offering formation for adults in our parish in as safe a manner as possible.

3.  Maintaining our outreach to the poor (who need this now more than ever) in as safe a manner as possible. 

4.  Being consistent in reopening with the Archdiocese, as we go through the Catholic Comeback phased reopening. 

Fr. Kevin 


COVID-19 Update