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Ministries & Volunteer Contacts

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Pastoral Staff

Name Title Contact
Campbell, John Director of Facilities 421-2442
Jaeckels, Kathy Director of Finance 421-2442
Johnston, Russell School Principal 414-421-1760
Kazmierowicz, Sr. Eileen Pastoral Associate 421-2442
Leggett, Deacon James Permanent Deacon
Lobitz, Julie Director of Christian Formation 421-2442
Magnor, Rev. Patrick Associate Pastor 421-2442
McManaman, Rev. Kevin Pastor 421-2442
Piontkowski, Terry Director of Liturgy & Music 421-2442


Pastoral Council

Name Title Contact
Binder, Mary Secretary
Evrard, Matt Council Members
Ewig, Carolina Youth Representative
Flemming, Denna Council Members
Hanson, Elizabeth Council Members
Hauerwas, John Council Members
Kempen, Pat Vice-Chairperson
Lange, Bob Trustee - Treasurer
Madison, Dylan Youth Representative
Mellock, Mike Council Members
Monacelli, Kathy Council Members
Schulz, Pat Council Members
Sievert, Debbie Chairperson
Stamatakos, Jim Council Members
Taft, Mary Sue Trustee - Secretary
Witkowski, Linda Council Members


Finance Council

Name Title Contact
Close, Alan Finance Council Member
Flemming, Denna Pastoral Council Liaison
Jaeckels, Kathy Director of Finance 421-2442
Lange, Bob Trustee-Treasurer
McManaman, Rev. Kevin Pastor 421-2442
Novinska, Melissa Finance Council Member
Ruedinger, Sue Chairperson
Taft, Mary Sue Trustee-Secretary


Parish Committees

Name Title Contact
Bova, Barbara Human Concerns
Campbell, John Building & Grounds
Krysiak, Joe Athletics Director
Petushek, Mary Jo Liturgy Committee Chairperson
Ruedinger, Sue Finance Council


Pastoral Care

Name Title Contact
Busch, Geri Prayer Networks
Flayter, Russ St Luke's Hospital Ministry
Kazmierowicz, Sr. Eileen Baptism Preparation Team 421-2442
Kazmierowicz, Sr. Eileen Health Care Centers  421-2442
Leggett, Deacon James Baptism Preparation Team
Leggett, Deacon James & Joan Prayer Shawl Ministry
Magnor, Rev. Patrick Baptism Preparation Team 421-2442
Magnor, Rev. Patrick Hospital Visits/Anointing of the Sick 421-2442
McManaman, Rev. Kevin Baptism Preparation Team 421-2442
McManaman, Rev. Kevin Hospital Visits/Anointing of the Sick 421-2442
Miller, Gene Ridgedale Senior Housing
Schoenecker, Holly Prayer Networks


Liturgical Ministries

Name Title Contact
Bekkers, Joe Cross Bearers
Binder, Mary Children's Liturgy of the Word
Binder, Mary Greeters
Chvala, Tom Funeral Ministers
Chvala, Tom Wine Stewards
Farley, Barb Eucharistic Ministers
Gierach, Monica Hand Bell Choir
Horvath, Betty Art & Environment
Jager, Carla Youth Choir Director
Leggett, Deacon James Eucharistic Ministers
Meier, Thomas Ushers
Mroczynski, Ron Art & Environment
Newell, Mary Lectors
Philips, Judith Servers
Piontkowski, Terry 11AM Sunday Choir Director 421-2442
Piontkowski, Terry Director of Liturgy & Music 421-2442
Piontkowski, Terry Art & Environment
Piontkowski, Terry Funeral Cantor and Choir
Piontkowski, Terry Cantors, Instrumentalists
Schulteis, Chris 4:30PM Saturday Choir Director
Seipel, Terry Sacristans
Swinson, William Ushers
Ullrich, Fred Heaven's Helpers (church cleaning)



Name Title Contact
Armstrong, Victoria 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies and 7th Grade Literature Teacher 414-421-1760
Bruhn, Robin Director of Teaching and Learning 414-421-1760
Cech, Katie Hot Lunch Director 414-421-1760 ext. 820
Clark, Kathy Music Teacher 414-421-1760
Coenen, Susan 6, 7, and 8th Grade Science and 6th Grade Literature Teacher 414-421-1760
Collins, Lou Ann 3K Teacher 414-421-1760
Frank, Deborah 2nd Grade Teacher 414-421-1760
Gonring, Calli 3rd Grade Teacher 414-421-1760
Gorgas, Katie 6,7,and 8th Grade Math Teacher 414-421-1760
Gutche, Jennessa 4th Grade Teacher 414-421-1760
Halwas, Kris Physical Education Teacher 414-421-1760
Johnston, Russell School Principal 414-421-1760
Kempken, Linda 4K Teacher 414-421-1760
Kneifl, Jacob 5th Grade 414-421-1760
Lou Ann, Collins 3K Teacher 414-421-1760 ext. 815
Maccoux, Carrie 5K Teacher 414-421-1760
McElvain, Katherine School Secretary 414-421-1760
Nelsen, Jean Box Tops
Pagac, Stacey Cougar Club Coordinator 414-421-1760
Parey, Taimi School Secretary 414-421-1760
Ramion, Kathy 1st Grade Teacher 414-421-1760
Ruedinger, Gerry Friendship without Borders and School Teaching Assistant
Russell, Ron 6,7,and 8th Grade Religion and 6th Grade Lanuauge Arts Teacher 414-421-1760
Schermetzler, Amy School Library Coordinator 414-421-1760
Schermetzler, Amy New Family Committee 414-421-1760
Sowa, Mandy Fish Fry
Strangfeld, Peter 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts and 8th Grade Literature Teacher 414-421-1760
Temple, Claire 3rd Grade Teacher 414-421-1760
Thompson, Grace Art Teacher 414-421-1760
Waddle, Michelle Fish Fry
Wallace, Bob Spanish Teacher and 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher 414-421-1760
Young, Ginger School Business Manager 414-421-1760


Christian Formation

Name Title Contact
Feller, Holly Office Manager 421-2442
Feller, Holly Safeguarding All God's Family 421-2442
Gozdowiak, Christine Office Assistant 421-2442
Gozdowiak, Christine Safeguarding All God's Family 421-2442
Kazmierowicz, Sr. Eileen Adult Confirmation 421-2442
Kazmierowicz, Sr. Eileen Adult Learning Programs 421-2442
Kazmierowicz, Sr. Eileen RCIA- Adults & Children 421-2442
Kazmierowicz, Sr. Eileen Small Faith Communities 421-2442
Lobitz, Julie Director of Christian Formation 421-2442
Wenninger, Linda Breakfast with St. Nick


Parish Activities

Name Title Contact
Jome, Doris Auction Co-chair
Kosmatka, Jim CYM
Kostowicz-Volm, Joanne Girl Scouts
Krysiak, Joe Athletics Director
Major, Gary & Vickie Trivia Night
Rezutek, Ben Cub Scouts
Rick, Judy Feast on the Blacktop
Ruedinger, Sue Auction Co-chair
Schulz, Pat Kitchen Angels
Sowa, Chris Feast on the Blacktop
Sowa, Mandy Fish Fry
Waddle, Michelle Fish Fry


Human Concerns

Name Title Contact
Becker, Steve Respect for Life Rose Sale
Becker, Steve Respect Life
Becker, Steve Justice Education
Bek, Mary Neighborhood Outreach Program Representatives
Bemis, Jill Community Meal Programs
Benkowski, Wendy Alzheimer Support Group
Bova, Barbara Human Concerns
Dorrington, Maureen & Art St. Benedict's 1015 N. 9th Street
Fortman, Margaret St. Benedict's 1015 N. 9th Street
Geiger, Chris & Karla SVdP Meal Program
Hanson, Elizabeth Friendship without Borders
Herriges, Lee Care for Creation
Juley, Nancy St. Vincent de Paul Society
Kloser, Janet Emergency Food Pantry 514-4400
Knutel, Kathy Bereavement
Krueger, Ellen Emergency Food Pantry 514-4400
Larson, Marcie All People's Church 2600 N. 2nd Street, Milwaukee
Larson, Marcie Interfaith Parish Representatives
Miller, Gene Milwaukee Careers Cooperative
Pelzek, Dave St. Vincent de Paul Society
Radke, Roz & Dave SVdP Meal Program
Ruedinger, Gerry Friendship without Borders and School Teaching Assistant
Sowa, Chris Giving Tree Gift Drive
Sowa, Chris Guest House Clothing Drive
Susedik, Linda Alzheimer Support Group
Tom, Rowe Neighborhood Outreach Program
Walker, Dave & Thelma House of Correction
Wilke, Cathie Emergency Food Pantry 514-4400