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Christian Formation Handbook Policies and Guidelines

Christian Formation Handbook Policies and Guidelines

Our Christian Formation program is built based on the St. Alphonsus Mission Statement and the Four Pillars of the Catholic Faith: to provide opportunities for lifelong Christian education, emphasizing justice-filled service based on Scriptures and our lived tradition.

Four Pillars of the Catholic Faith:

  • The profession of Faith - what Catholics believe
  • The celebration of the Christian Mystery - how Catholics worship
  • Life in Christ - how Catholics live
  • Christian prayer - how Catholics pray

Sacraments Are the Center of Our Faith Life - in accordance with Archdiocesan policy, students preparing for First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation must be registered in a religious education program at least one year prior to the sacrament preparation year.

General Christian Formation Program Information: 

Enrollment - all families are encouraged to register as parish members

Registration and Fees - begins mid April prior to the coming school year.  It is expected that full payment is received by Orientation in September.  Tuition assistance is available, must submit a completed form.

Class Times and Calendar - the calendar is available on our website and provided in the September Orientation folder.  The program plays an integral part in the student’s understanding of Christ’s message.  Our limited time together is precious, therefore, attendance at all 12-13 sessions is expected.

Drop off/pick up - 5K-9th grade classes are held in the school, 10th & 11th are in the Parish Ministry Center.  Please stay in the car line or park and meet your child in the gym door entrance.  5K-5th grade Catechists will walk classes down and greet parents at the end of class.

Absences - sickness or family emergencies are excused.  Call the Christian Formation Office (414) 421-2442 or email with the child's first and last name, grade, and reason for absence.  Please make every effort to complete the chapter lessons missed in the workbooks to stay on pace with the curriculum.  

Discipline - students are expected to be present for the classes, to be attentive, and respectful of their teachers and other students.  Misconduct will be reported to the CF director by our volunteer catechists and every attempt will be made to address the issue.  If it continues, then a parent/student conference will be scheduled with the CF director.  In extreme cases, a parent may be asked to attend class with their child. 

Family Communications - A weekly Friday email will be sent from the CF director to stay connected with families.  Use the web-site as a regular resource: Faith Formation

Inclement Weather - tune in to WTMJ 4 where we will be listed, plus an email

Family Ministry - as a core part of our faith serving others, families are asked to sign-up and volunteer together at the many parish opportunities provided

Athletics - requires families to be members and students attending CF classes regularly with tuition paid in full Athletics