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Information for Families and Catechists

We are now registering for the 2020-21 Christian Formation year.   We welcome both new and returning families to the program and encourage families to register by May 15, 2020 to receive our lowest tuition rates.  

Our Christian Formation program is built based on the St. Alphonsus Mission Statement and the Four Pillars of the Catholic Faith...

According to the St. Alphonsus Parish Mission Statement, we strive to provide opportunities for lifelong Christian education, emphasizing justice-filled service based on Scriptures and our lived tradition.

Four Pillars of the Catholic Faith:

  • The profession of Faith - what Catholics believe
  • The celebration of the Christian Mystery - how Catholics worship
  • Life in Christ - how Catholics live
  • Christian prayer - how Catholics pray

We designed our program using the following resources and models:

The spiral curriculum of the Blest Are We series in Kindergarten through Eighth grade:

First Reconciliation*: RCL Benziger Reconciliation

First Eucharist*: RCL Benziger First Communion

Ninth Grade:  Pflaum Gospel Readings – Visions Program

Tenth Grade:  Matthew Kelly series – Decision Point

Eleventh grade*:  Ascension Press – Chosen 

*Retreats are incorporated within the Sacrament programs






If you are interested in being a Catechist for our 2020-21 Christian Formation year, please sign up here!


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